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Now it’s cricket’s turn.

As far as Cricket in Nepal is concerned, we are playing more matches, tournaments day by day. Although cricket is not a national game, there is increasing public attention and interest for the game. Fans and followers are growing each day. One prime reason may be the location of Nepal amidst countries with long tradition of cricket such as India, Pakistan- where Cricket is the GOD of games. For a long time, Nepal has quietly watched its neighbors play. Moreover, the regional sports channel coverage is mostly on cricket.

CricNepal's Homepage

CricNepal’s Homepage View

Now cricket is passion, putting all the spirit together for a whole country in every game, and it isn’t just playing for the win. It is all about playing a game for all its fans that count every bowl, run, – until the last wicket. We predict that Nepalese cricket tradition will also evolve to be different, and become truly special. Imagine all our kids that end up playing cricket in international grounds with our flags soaring high.

Cricket in Nepal has boosted in last decade or so. But the coverage of the true game is still in the dark side. We lack a good coverage, news, views, analysis, and critics on the media. At, we are trying our best to promote the game in true spirit, inform the followers and fans of cricket with live updates, latest photos and videos and cricket analysis from our experts.

In the meantime, we want to hear your views, comments, suggestions and co-operation. It’s our website. We live for cricket and we need to support it. We are proud supporting this campaign. We created our slogan “Everything is Cricket”.

And, yes, it’s cricket turn.

I liked it and suggest you to visit this site. Also you can help it through a number of ways either by following it on Facebook & Twitter. It is growing and let us help it grow.


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